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Thoughts and opinions of an ICS/IoT enthusiast.

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Despite the grandiose picture and cryptic name, I am one of the good guys working in ICS / ICS security.

Having worked in a Top COMAH chemical factory in the UK as an infrastructure engineer exposed to the hardware and software used in Industrial Control Systems (ICS), and being a security enthusiast (Hacker) in my spare time, I started looking into what happens when these systems are attacked or missused?

Now, I research hardware and software systems such as PLCs, RTU, SCADA, DCS and the security issues inherit with such devices. You can see findings which i post on both linkedin and twitter (links below).

I also create website templates with a distopian look and feel, and audio with a similiar asthetic which will be uploaded soon.


Below is a list of articles and pages related to ICS & general security issues.

ICS Introduction

3CS Exploit

Applying for entery level roles

How to be a hacker ?

ICS Exploit (coming soon)

ISO 27001

Lean Process (coming soon)


Below are a collection of website templates.

Contact me if you would like a custom design:


Cyber Cafe

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Last Stop Housing

Desolate Future Supermarket

Landing Page

Liminal Space

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